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CL4Fire has been in operation since 2006 and remains focused on the Canadian marketplace. While our company has fire protection product and system approvals for North America and beyond, CL4 Inc. seeks first and foremost to supply leading systems that match Canadian Building Codes Requirements and have invested great time and money into this endeavour. Listed systems only meet the laboratory tested standard referenced, a standard which may or may not be outlined within the Canadian Building Codes. You may not be aware but Ventilation Duct listings within Canada typically are tested to ISO-6944 a standard not even referenced by Canadian Building Codes. Only the CCMC has the support of the Canadian Government to determine whether or not a product or system meets all requirements of the codes and standards such as NFPA-96. While American companies are protected with government Buy American policies, Canadian manufacturers have to earn the trust of Canadian Engineers, Installers and Building Officials.

We hope you value this mandate by supporting our CL4FIRE products.

Proud Canadian Note

We Are Proud to be Canadian Operated and Focus on the Canadian Market

Distributor Information


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From Coast to Coast

Cl4Fire is the sole distributor of its product and suppliest various projects around the province of Ontario and across Canada. To learn more about the projects CL4 Inc. has completed visit the portfolio section.